Script editing

EBMeDS is the first clinical decision support system in the world that has received NHS Evidence accreditation for its content creation process. Read more about the accreditation.

Quality plan

The aim of the EBMeDS Quality plan is to ensure that the quality of the system is as high as possible. It identifies the major factors influencing quality in our development process and suggests measures for maximising quality based on them. The concept of quality has been defined in a separate document.

Script editing

Script aliases

Script aliases keep the EBMeDS scripts independent of different coding systems. By using the internal alias mapping system, there is no need to use any classification codes inside the scripts.

Script flow syntax

The EBMeDS Script Flow Syntax is used in the EBMeDS Script Description Editor (ESDE) to describe the logic of the decision support scripts.

Script messages

EBMeDS Script Messages explains the different kinds and types of messages that can be produced.

Function library

EBMeDS has an extensive function library that can be used when developing new scripts. A reference document is available on request for users with script editing permissions