Simple integration

The EBMeDS runs as a service and communicates with XML through a  web listener. This makes integration of EBMeDS easy with any electronic health record system (EHR) capable of providing structured patient data. The production package is compiled in such way, that not even a database is needed. The EBMeDS can be installed as a local service or as a centralized solution servicing many organizations at the same time.


We have put strong effort on using simple yet flexible technical solutions, and as a result the engine is very fast. The typical response time is between one to two seconds. The reminders can be shown to the user in the right context without delaying work process.

Rule editor

Decision support rules can be created and edited with a web-based editor, which is available for all end-users. It allows creation of many kinds of rules targeted for physicians, nurses, specialized care and even patients using PHR. The rules can either be global or limited to your organization only.


The EBMeDS reminders have been translated to many languages and new translations are created all the time. The translation of the reminders is affordable and easy tools are readily available.

The EBMeDS internal alias system allows a broad range of classification code systems and automatic unit conversions. EBMeDS already fully supports a variety of classification code systems, and when those do not suffice, new ones can be added whenever necessary.