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The new EBMeDS Basic Interface v1.2 will improve care

Julkaistu: 2012-10-30

The development team is proud to release today the new EBMeDS Basic Interface v1.2. The new features are based on the feedback and ideas we have received from both vendors and end-users – thank you all!

The schema includes many new elements that will allow novel reminders, advanced customizability, actionable content, and much more. Our new and more comprehensive overview document explains all elements in detail and includes also a full version history.

The new XML schema and Overview are available to everyone.

Version 1.2 is backwards compliant with the previous versions, and it can be taken in use gradually if that is more feasible. We are planning to publish first reminders or features that utilize the new interface within next few months.

For the technically oriented readers here are some key points, the full list of changes is available in the Overview document:

  • Supports actionable reminders. The plan is to begin development with reminders that suggest prescribing a certain drug and or creating a lab order.
  • Allows patient and health professional specific script block lists, and anonymous identification of the patient between multiple data sources.
  • Support or extended support for the following risks: pregnancy, lactation, smoking, drugs to avoid and familial diseases.
  • New Investigations groups Imaging and Questionnaires
  • New Intervention elements for self-care and therapies
  • New health care role Pharmacist
  • Extended support for drug data (administration route, dosage)

Please contact Joonas Mäkinen (firstname.lastname@duodecim.fi) for more information.