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Engagement in Heaven – consumers and clinical decision support system

Julkaistu: 2015-02-09

Clinical decision support system EBMeDS® is assisting daily thousands of doctors and nurses in their demanding task for better, safer and faster care. The citizen – the consumer – has been a passive observer, an object for better care delivery. This is now changing as new care solutions will be available for citizens as well.
The city of Hämeenlinna has successfully launched a suite of on-line care solutions for citizens. EBMeDS® rule algorithms have been used in developing and delivering

- health & wellbeing check and personal coaching
- a set of symptom assessment forms for consumers
- eCare Assistant for consumers (EBMeDS®)

These solutions are integrated with Personal Health Record (PHR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Data from these two sources are combined in real time before they are analyzed by EBMeDS®.  “Duodecim solutions are expected to reduce face-to-face consultations with doctors and nurses and yet they are expected to improve the overall care”, states Mr. Jari Numminen, project manager for citizen digital services at Hämeenlinna.  “Engagement in Heaven, or - for the time being – at least in Hämeenlinna”, states Dr. Ilkka Kunnamo, head of EBMeDS® development at Duodecim. “We expect this model to be emulated by several major cities in Finland and beyond”, he continues.

For more information:

Duodecim: Timo Haikonen, timo.haikonen[a]duodecim.fi / Ilkka Kunnamo, ilkka.kunnamo[a]duodecim.fi
Hämeenlinna: Jari Numminen, jari.numminen[a]hameenlinna.fi / Suna Sadetdin, suna.saadetdin[a]hameenlinna.fi