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Decision Support System Reminders exceed 40.000 pcs

Published: 2015-08-24

In Medicine quantity does not necessarily override quality, but it does reflect the richness and scope of service. We are pleased to report that the number of reminders in the decision support system EBMeDS® now exceeds 40.000 pcs. We would like to think that this reflects both dedication and professionalism of the development team. Pekka Mustonen, CEO of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd says: “It will be most satisfying to offer this novel solution to our clients. But rather than quantity we should also focus on outcomes. The more patients and care providers we can help the better”.

For more information:
Timo Haikonen

Script Reminders

General reminders 1 580
Guideline links 6 748
Drug Interactions 14 114
Drug and Renal Malfunction 5 024
Drug Contraindications 3 144
Drug Indications 4 137
Dosage Warnings 3 297
Drugs during Pregnancy/Lactation 2 083
Total Number of Reminders 40 127