Reindeer and the clinical decision support system


Dr. Jukkapekka Jousimaa is editor-in-chief of Evidence Base Guidelines Finnish version Lääkärin Käsikirja. He took 2014 summer sabbatical and went to Sodankylä, a small town in Lapland to work as a primary care physician in the local health center. He commuted some 50 km every day from his mountain lodge with his Gold Wing bike and observed quite a few reindeer on the way. As he was well prepared, no accidents were recorder.

PEGASOS Electronic Health Record used by doctors and nurses in Sodankylä had EBMeDS integrated with it. Probably the most northern integration in use today. He was delighted to observe that the system responded with professional guidance. Automatically. At the point of care.

Moral of the story: Be prepared. Do not fear clinical decision support system – or reindeer for that matter.

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