Duodecim will participate in international Personalised Medicine project


Descriptions of published decision support functions are available free in the EBMeDS Script Description Database, which can be browsed from the menu at the left. The documents contain a plain language summary describing the functionality in a few words, links to the evidence (by subscription; including Cochrane reviews, evidence summaries from EBM Guidelines and references), and the script messages. Potential harms are described separately.

The output (reminders) of the scripts available on this website are in English, but several other languages are supported (Danish, Dutch, English (UK and US), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish). Translations to other languages are only moderately time-consuming, since the reminders are very short.

A much larger number of script ideas and scripts under construction are available for collaborators in the script editor (ESDE), which requires a password.
Several structured databases are being constructed by Duodecim, by the Centre for Pharmacotherapy Development, and other organizations to aid decision support in drug treatment. These databases include indications, contraindications and drug interactions.