PRIMA-eDS deals with Polypharmacy using Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)


The Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) tools are part of Duodecim’s Clinical decision support system (EBMeDS) and can be used during patient encounters by physicians and nurses whenever the appropriateness and safety of drug therapy needs to be assessed. The assessment is recommended on a regular (e.g. annual) basis for patients with polypharmacy and multimorbidity. The assessment is also useful whenever new medications are prescribed.

Clinical pharmacists can use the CMR tool as an adjunct when they perform medication reviews at hospitals, geriatric wards, nursing homes or ambulatory care. The CMR tool automatizes the use of drug databases by linking relevant information from the databases with the patient’s data.

The appropriateness of drug therapy in a population can be assessed if the components of the CMR are used in a virtual health check performed automatically in a group of patients. The EHR sends structured data from each patient to the EBMeDS service, and the results can then be analyzed statistically. Such analyzes are highly valuable for quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

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