Duodecim has created a Covid-19 symptom checker

Koronaviruksen visualisaatio. Kuvan lähde: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Duodecim has prepared a Covid-19 viral disease symptom checker based on the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The symptom checker has has been published in the national Omaolo service

The symptom assessment is freely available online and offers the opportunity to make a reliable assessment of your own situation, regardless of time and place of residence.

Based on the answers to the survey, you will receive an estimate:

  • how likely it is that you have been infected with a coronavirus
  • how necessary it is to take a laboratory sample
  • what kind of treatment the symptoms require

The symptom assessment also advises on how to take action to prevent the infection from spreading.

Covid-19 related contacts have increased significantly in all health care channels: telephone services, health centers and emergency services. The symptom checker seeks to reduce the burden on health care so that treatment can be focused on those who need it most at the moment.