Cookies policy

We can collect information about a user’s terminal from a website using cookies for the following purposes:     

  • Using the Service: Cookies enable a smoother user experience. For example, if you choose to do so, you may not need to re-enter your usernames and passwords when you log in to our site.     
  • Service development: Cookies help us improve the performance of our website and our electronic services. For example, we get information about the Most Used Pages of the site. We also use cookies for statistical tracking of the number of visitors to websites and electronic services. For example, we can also find out whether web pages and services are being used from a computer or mobile device.     
  • Targeting Marketing and Communication: Based on the information gathered, target groups may be presented with targeted advertising or content that is likely to be of interest to Duodecim websites and online services.

Cookies do not store user-specific information. You can prevent the cookie from being saved by changing your browser settings. You can also clear cookies from your browser settings. In this case, the information gathered with the cookies will be deleted and the collection of information will start from the beginning. Deleting cookies may lead to a deterioration in your website experience.

Our website may contain links and links to third-party websites and third-party websites. Community plugins like Facebook or Twitter buttons. The buttons appear on our website, but their content comes directly from that community. For more information on community service privacy, visit the relevant community website.