General requirements


The EHR calls are received by a web server software, such as IIS in Windows or the Helma in Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOs. The EBMEDS production package is compiled as text files, and no database or other software is needed.

From the web server, patient data is processed and distributed further to the EBMEDS Engine by a server-specific interface application written in a suitable script language (e.g. JavaScript, ASP) by the EBMEDS developers. Interface applications are at the moment available for the IIS and Helma servers.

Hardware and performance

EBMEDS uses resources modestly and a typical response time is well under one second. Because EBMEDS is run as a web service, it is easily scalable. If not thinking about a centralized solution or a very large organization, a decent dedicated server is usually enough.

Integration steps

The integration process is rather straightforward. To summarise the major steps:

  • Creating and testing the query message
  • Installing a web server application and the EBMEDS service
  • Mapping of classification codes and units
  • Displaying the response messages in the user interface
  • Testing and optimization

Integration instructions

Integration instructions document explains the major steps of the integration in detail and includes some examples to test the integration. It is available on request for our partners.